Project summary

Relational Synergy or Meltdown: A Relational Perspective on Decision Comprehensiveness

Teams and multi-team systems (MTSs/ a team of teams) make high stake decisions with major organizational and societal consequences. Decision comprehensiveness is a hallmark of procedural rationality in decision making and was systematically linked with superior decision outcomes and performance. In teams and MTSs, decision comprehensiveness emerges as a result of individual abilities AND within and inter-team interactions. Research has so far focused on the influence of task related process losses and gains (i.e. coordination and level of effort) on the emergence of decision comprehensiveness, and less on the role of relational meltdowns and synergies that describe the nature and quality of social interactions within social structures. Therefore, this project aims to explore: (1) the interplay of relational losses (such as relationship conflict and negative relations) and gains (such as collective emotional intelligence and team identification) and their impact on decision comprehensiveness at the team level, and (2) the interplay of relational losses and gains and their impact on decision comprehensiveness at the MTS level – a largely unexplored area.

Project Team

Oana C. Fodor, PhD, Project Coordinator

Alina M. Fleștea, PhD

Cătălina Oțoiu, PhD

Andra Coman, PhD student

Sabina Trif, PhD student

Publications and Scientific Events

Publications Submitted manuscripts Fodor, O.C., Curșeu, P.L., Bria, M & Fleștea, A.M. (2019). Autonomy to fail: An investigation of workload, work autonomy, interpersonal relations and performance in service teams – submited to The Service Industries Journal (ISI Journal) Trif, S., Curșeu, P.L., Fodor, O.C. & Fleștea, A.M. (2019). An attributional explanation of power dynamics in …

Project Status